Murder investigated in Youngstown’s entertainment district


Gunfire rang out along West Federal Street leaving one man dead.

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The heart of downtown Youngstown turns from the city’s entertainment district into a scene of tragedy overnight.

Gunfire rang out along West Federal Street leaving one man dead.

So far police aren’t saying much about him, a suspect, or what led to the shooting.

21 News is pressing for answers about whether there are enough officers patrolling downtown to keep folks safe.

Police presence was visible early Sunday morning after shots rang out and a 32-year-old man was gunned down.

Youngstown police heard shots fired on Federal Street near Hazel.

The police evidence markers show multiple shots were fired.

Councilwoman Anita Davis, who is on the city’s safety committee, says Youngstown has hosted numerous concerts and events safely and successfully with thousands of people attending. 

She says the city works to make downtown safe for folks and families to enjoy what downtown has to offer.

“Downtown Youngstown is right there with where the police department is. We have tons of cameras, officers are on patrol on a regular basis. There are additional officers, especially on weekends,” Councilwoman Davis emphasized.

She tells us if someone is unknowingly targeted there is not much police can do besides collect evidence and pursue suspects.

The OhWow Roger and Gloria Jones Children’s Center nearby is pleased with the extra outdoor security for Silly Science Sunday.

“We do have two Youngstown Police Officers to be part of Silly Science Sunday and I can say there has been a greater police presence circling the event as a result of the shooting,” Silly Science Sunday Organizer Colleen Ruby said.

At that early morning shooting, police found the victim who was rushed to a hospital and died. 

A large crowd that had gathered, scattered. 

Because police were busy working the crowd of thousands at a political rally, police called for assistance from all available units.

Struthers, Campbell, Boardman, and Liberty police responded. 

We have reached out to the police and have no comment. No police report was available Sunday.

Check back with 21 News for more information on the murder victim, and possible arrests of a suspect or suspects.

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