Local startup aims to advance military technology

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – “It did start with a napkin concept,” said Rich Ferguson, Founder of Lulius Innovation.

Ferguson started with an idea jotted on a napkin and eventually developed software supporting the United States Army.

His military background combined with experiences at Harvard University enabled him to create an app which transforms the future of aviation data.

Ferguson says his business is advancing technology in ways the military can’t.

“We can do things a lot cheaper, way faster. We’re right on the cutting edge, where the military takes years to get through those requirements.”

The military uses Lulius software at 21 locations to track flights. The app also shows, in real time, which aircrafts are in use and which are down for maintenance.

“They have the same menu items that you might have on an iPhone or an Android,” Ferguson explained.

He says this is easiest for young soldiers, considering almost 90 percent of the military is under 25 years old.

Senator Jacky Rosen highlighted the small business for Congressional Startup Day and said she would like to see other branches of the military use the app in the future.

“Fiscal year 23, our National Defense Authorization, we’re going to have the military take a look at using this,” Rosen said.

Ferguson said having Rosen’s support is incredible and it means even more that she understands how difficult it is to bring this software to life.

“To have her be a software developer for aircraft and then to be a U.S. Senator on the Senate Armed Services is the greatest gift we could ever have,” Ferguson said.

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