Downtown business ready for MLS fans

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Businesses in downtown St. Louis are anticipating how game days at CITYPARK will impact them.

The Irish bar Maggie O’Brien’s held a grand reopening just days before the inaugural match at the new stadium. The business got a bright green paint job outside and a brand new interior.

“There’s not a human being that I don’t pass that doesn’t say, ‘Oh, I bet you’re happy about that soccer stadium,’” owner Eddie McVey told News 4. He said they’re happy, but this part of downtown St. Louis has been home for 43 years.

“There’s certain people who like to tell me I’m lucky,” he said. “I don’t feel like I am, and the reason I say that is we’ve been here for a longtime and we weren’t going anywhere, whether they built it or didn’t, and we stuck it out when a lot of people didn’t.”

The resurgence of this section of downtown in part is due to the massive redevelopment of Union Station. Union Station said they believe soccer fans will bring a whole new crowd to the attraction. In the spring, a soccer-themed restaurant will open at the western coroner of Union Station.

On the north side of the stadium sits Schlafly Brewery. They will be brewing a non-alcoholic beer for match days.

During the regular season, there will be around 20 regular season games at CITYPARK. The team says the venue will be used for a variety of other events, games, festivals and more, giving businesses a big boost throughout the year.

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